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Bulma x Vegeta - The Mysteries Of Love

I have finally completed the 20 facts for the pairing of Bulma and Vegeta.
I'm a little concerned that the facts turned into more like drabbles and mini-stories. They seem a little long...
I apologise for that. I found myself getting carried away with some facts. 

Title:Mysteries of Love”
Author: rachelcabbit
Subject: Bulma x Vegeta pairing
Rating: T for sexual references
Notes: These are a mixture of facts from the 3 years and beyond. It isn't in chronological order exactly. The title comes from the song "Koi no Nazo Nazo" translated to 'The Mysteries of Love' by Tricky Shirai and Kuko. It is a bit of a character song for Bulma and Vegeta despite not being sung by their seiyuu.
Spoilers for pretty much the entire series of Dragonball Z. Some sexual references.

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Hey, y'allz~

Whoa, this community's had no activity for over a year! ^^; I'm not giving up on it, though! Just popping by to ask how everyone is doing with their claims and maybe get some ideas flowing or something....?

There's absolutely no rush or anything (haha, I even have my own to finish... it's been over a year as well), but if anyone has suggestions to promote 20_adventures or create writing themes, please feel free to comment here!

Thanks guys! ♥
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[Son Gohan (Cell Arc)] [Something Worth Fighting For]

Title: Something Worth Fighting For
Author: ficwize aka bewize
Character/Pairing/Group: Son Gohan, during the Cell Saga
Rating: Hmmm... PG?
Disclaimer/Notes/Whatever: Angst abounds, but c'mon? Have you seen this saga???
A/N: This was harder than I was expecting, but I hope it's at least somewhat entertaining to read. :) Thanks to funfiction for the beta! Also, I've used American spellings and names, as that's what I was watching when I fell in love with DBZ. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

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