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20 Adventures focuses on the manga/anime series Dragon Ball/Z/GT. As in iulia_linnea's HP Character Random Facts/Things Meme, the purpose here is to create a detailed list of 20 random "facts" about Dragon Ball characters, relationships, or groups.

When it comes to this type of fanfic challenge, "fact" takes on a rather loose definition, being a tidbit of information based on anything the author wishes - series canon, fanon speculation, even crack theories. Everything goes, 'cuz the most important things are creativity and the thought that goes into writing about your favorite DB-related subject. One example of a 20 Facts essay is adesso's essay for Matsumoto Rangiku.

+ You're to claim an individual character (ex. Goku, Tapion); a romantic pairing (ex. Bulma x Vegeta); a non-romantic relationship (ex. Kuririn and Goku); or a group (ex. Red Ribbon Army, Saiya-jin). This is the subject of your 20 facts compilation.
+ Slash/shounen-ai/shoujo-ai are A-OK, just put up some kind of warning for your unsuspecting readers.
+ For now, only up to two subjects per person at any one time. If you finish one of your claims, you may choose another... thus enabling you to maintain 2 separate claims at all times! ^^
+ A subject can be shared by up to three users.
+ Check out who's got what here: The Master List.

Claim it here! ^^

When you are ready to post your completed essay, please use the following friendly format:

Title: "Your Title in Quotation Marks"

**Use an LJ cut for the actual 20 Facts list (fake cuts are OK too).
**Include squick/spoiler/slash/etc. alerts in Notes.

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